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Anthony Kelley at his keyboards
When Anthony Kelley learned that jazz legend Mary Lou Williams had left an unfinished symphony, he set out to finish it and have it performed. Photo by Scott Huler

Devils & Details

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Some stories you just need to hear. A student preaching in the Duke Chapel? A musician resuscitating a forgotten, unfinished piece by a jazz legend? You need to hear that stuff. So we have launched "Devils & Details," our new podcast, to bring you sound and intimacy that perfectly augments the stories and images we share in DukeMag. Plus, the magazine comes out four times a year; the podcast can come out a lot more often.

This month, we talk with professor of the practice Anthony Kelley ’87, AM’90 about the unfinished symphony of jazz great and former Duke artist in residence Mary Lou Williams. Kelley learned during the Covid lockdown that the late jazz legend had, during her Duke days, left behind an unfinished symphony. That sounded like a challenge and Kelley was up to it. In April 2024 the Duke Wind Symphony premiered his completed “History…” in Baldwin Auditorium. 

Anthony Kelley's bulletin board, with photo of Mary Lou Williams
Anthony Kelley's bulletin board features a snapshot of Mary Lou Williams

Please join us by listening to our June episode. You can find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify as well as right here on our website.