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Devils and Details

A new DukeMag podcast series

Some stories you just need to hear. A student preaching in the chapel? A musician resuscitating a forgotten, unfinished piece by a jazz legend? You need to hear that stuff; a podcast can bring you sound and intimacy that perfectly augments the stories and images we share in DukeMag. Plus the magazine comes out four times a year; the podcast can come out a lot more often.

DukeMag has had a podcast, called The Devils’ Share, which has brought you things like the fabulous recipe shared by Dr. Pound Cake, a visit with the class about the end of the world, and a consideration of the Turkey Bowl, an annual School of Medicine touch football game on Thanksgiving. We occasionally took a deep dive into a topic -- we documented the first year of The Invention and Consequences of Race, the University 101 course created as part of Duke’s commitment to antiracism. We even won a 2020 Case Circle of Excellence Award for a series on the 50-year anniversary of the takeover of the Allen Building by the Duke Afro-American Students Association. We brought you those stories as we could, and so we were somewhat sporadic and hard to find. 

But with the renamed Devils and Details, we aim to bring you stories to listen to every month.

Please join us by listening to our first episode. You can find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify as well as right here on our website.